Make up lessons

Make-up lessons will be given for these reasons ONLY:

  1. Performance and rehearsal commitments that coincide with lesson time (and advance notice as such)
  2. Serious illness; a cough, cold, mild flu, sore stomach does NOT constitute having a “serious illness”
  3. Extra-ordinary Family circumstances
  4. University or School exams (advance notice expected for these)

Make-up lessons will NOT be given for:

  1. Forgetfulness
  2. Disorganisation
  3. Holidays outside studio holiday time
  4. Double booking yourself
  5. Minor illness i.e. headache, cold, cough
  6. A performance in an evening when you have a morning or afternoon lesson
  7. Late notice given for exams; School OR University
  8. Parties, Theatre outings, Outings in general

Unless it is absolutely necessary, PLEASE do NOT ask for these rules to be bent or excused. It will only cause embarrassment for all parties, and it would be preferable if NOONE be put in that situation. Should you have any further queries, do not hesitate to talk to us. I Thank you in advance for your understanding and for your respect.

Terms and Conditions of Tuition

Payment of Fees

There are 2 formal arrangements for fees:

1) Term paid in full with payment to be made no later than the end of week 3 of the studio term.

2) 2 x half term payments to be paid ON TIME. ie: Week 1 and Week 5 (or 6) depending on the amount of weeks in the term.

There is an option to pay by Direct Deposit each fortnight by EFT to the studio account. (Details found on your invoices). However, this option must be discussed with Charmaine Gibbs and must be in mutual agreement.

Students/Parents must inform the studio which payment option they would like to undertake at the commencement of each term. Ie: full or half term.

Should you choose to withdraw from lessons during term time, the payment for that term must be honoured and no refund will be given.

Penalties for Late Payments

1) Full term payments will incur a 10% late fee if fees are not paid by the end of Week 3 of the term. If fees are not paid by the end of week 3, lessons will temporarily cease until the invoice is paid.

2) Half term payments will incur a 10% late fee if fees are not paid by the end of the first week of term. If fees are not paid by the beginning of week 3, lessons will temporarily cease until the invoice is paid.


Please don’t assume that missed lessons will be rescheduled.

The exceptions being:

# Performance Commitments with prior notification OR
# 24 hour notice in the case of serious illness (not a common cough or cold) OR
# Unforeseeable family circumstances. (This does not include holidays)

Make-up Lessons

Only 1 make-up lesson will be provided for (within the same term) if the absence fits the criteria stated above. (Please also see the Make-up lessons notice in the waiting room of the Studio)

Studio Closures

The Studio will be closed on all public holidays. The Studio’s teaching term works separately to the strict school holiday term. Terms throughout the year will have a holiday of 1 week in between. The Christmas holiday period, the studio will break for 4 weeks.

Code of Conduct

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