Christmas Newsletter 2017


Well, it’s that time of year again, no, not just Christmas BUT Studio Newsletter Time!!! 

It’s been another huge year for us all, students and teachers. We’re all definitely ready for a holiday right?

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Newsletter Term 1 2015

HELLO AND WELCOME TO TERM 1, 2015…even though we are half way through!!!!

Well here we are, at the beginning of March, which I’m sure we all can’t believe! Before we know it, it will be Easter!

Contained in this newsletter is information on Term dates for the year, Masterclasses, Studio Concerts, Exam information, upcoming productions and more. Jennifer has written for us in this newsletter, some brilliant advice on that dirty word… “Practice”…yes…that necessary requirement for improvement and progress.

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Term 1 finishes 4th April

Term 2 13th April – 26th June (11 weeks) Jen, Laura, Jason & Adam
27th April – 26th June (10 weeks) Charmaine

Term 3 6th July – 18th September (11 weeks) All teaching staff

Term 4 28th September – Friday 11th Dec (11 weeks) Jen, Laura, Jason & Adam
28th September – TBA (Charmaine)

Term 3 Newsletter


It really is hard to believe that we are now at the half way mark of 2014! And for those of us who don’t want to be reminded…a new financial year! Hmmm…let’s just focus on the half way mark option!

There has been so much going on for all the students and teachers this term. I do believe everyone is quite happy (well, students I mean) to see the School Holidays and University semester and mid semester breaks!

There is quite a bit of info in this newsletter…as always! I apologise in advance if I have left anyone off!!! And Please let me know if I have as I will be putting out a smaller newsletter in the coming weeks. On that, the letting me know point, we really love to know all the achievements of every single students. Don’t forget to email us or let us know at lesson time what’s been going on. It’s important for us to share in all your wonderful successes and also to give you an extra shoulder if things haven’t gone quite how you’d like them to have. This is about being there for all of you through the good and tricky times!

Now, grab that cuppa, glass of vino, whatever you like, and let’s get started…. Read the rest of this entry »