Term 3 Newsletter


It really is hard to believe that we are now at the half way mark of 2014! And for those of us who don’t want to be reminded…a new financial year! Hmmm…let’s just focus on the half way mark option!

There has been so much going on for all the students and teachers this term. I do believe everyone is quite happy (well, students I mean) to see the School Holidays and University semester and mid semester breaks!

There is quite a bit of info in this newsletter…as always! I apologise in advance if I have left anyone off!!! And Please let me know if I have as I will be putting out a smaller newsletter in the coming weeks. On that, the letting me know point, we really love to know all the achievements of every single students. Don’t forget to email us or let us know at lesson time what’s been going on. It’s important for us to share in all your wonderful successes and also to give you an extra shoulder if things haven’t gone quite how you’d like them to have. This is about being there for all of you through the good and tricky times!

Now, grab that cuppa, glass of vino, whatever you like, and let’s get started…. First and foremost…


Charmaine: 14/07/14 – 20/09/14 (with the exception of Yr 12’s who start back 08/07)
Jennifer & Jason: 07/07/14 – 20/09/14
Laura: 14/07/14 – 27/09/14

Looking forward to seeing you all soon! 

GLADIATORS: ACT (Arcadians Childrens Theatre) – May Congratulations to Arianne Compagnin, Helen Johnstone, Grace O’Dea & Sam Atkinson. Go the girls! Brilliant work and such a fun, fun show! THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE : BULLI HIGHSCHOOL – June Congratulations to the fabulous; Sally Pentecost: Mabel Rhys Clark : Frederick Daniel Tibben: The Sargent & alternate Samuel What a talented lot! (a happy lot at that 😉 We are so proud of you and your hard work that you put in! Congratulations on your fabulous performances. THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE: WHSPA – June Congratulations to; Nelson Bowler: The Sargent Lachlan Grogan: Pirate Jack Paterson: Pirate Jay Gomez: Pirate Matt Hearne: Pirate Imogen Smee: Fabulette Talia Sigsworth: General Stanley’s daughter Izzy Milsom: General Stanley’s daughter Zoe Rose: General Stanley’s daughter Erin Hand: Maid & Bar Wench! Caitlin Deen: Maid Victoria Verhelst: Mermaid & Maid You guys had such energy it was exhausting! Congratulations on your very fine performances! We are so proud of you all. 
THE SECRET GARDEN: TIGS- June Congratulations Byron Leitch for your performance. Such a beautiful musical and an equally lovely performance Byron! Great work! ASSASSINS: MMS (Miranda Musical Society) – June Congratulations to Nicole Butler for her fabulous portrayal as the Housewife/Ensemble. AMEB SINGING EXAMS: July Session Chookas to Anthony Keen. No doubt you will do singingly!!! 😉 ABRSM SINGING EXAMS: June Session Congratulations to; Calissa Smith, Kiya Slockee, Emma Macintosh, Sammy Geddes for your brilliant results. We are so proud of you! END OF YEAR EXAMS: December We will be doing exams again at the end of the year. We are strong believers in the process of working toward a singing exam and will be talking with you all about it in the first week back. These are a wonderful measure against no-one but yourselves. I was always encouraged and subsequently, undertook singing exams, as all of us did and we all agree that they are a wonderful learning experience. An examiner from London will attend the studio, as was the case last year, and we would encourage you to seriously consider these. WOLLONGONG EISTEDDFOD: Nicole Mealey: 17 years/o “Musical theatre in Costume” Molly Parish-Gibbons: 1st 11yrs/u “Musical Theatre in Costume” Katie Pearce: 2nd 11yrs/u “Musical Theatre in Costume”, HC 11yr/u “Ballad”, HC 11yr/u “Song from a film” 
Molly Parish-Gibbons : 1st “Junior Championship”, 2nd 12yrs/u “Folk Song”, 2nd 12yrs/u “Own Choice” Helen Johnstone: HC “Junior Championship”, 2nd in 12yrs/u “Song from a Film” Payton Leitch : 3rd 9yr/u Song from Film Byron Leitch: HC 14yrs/u Classical Vocal Solo Talia Sigsworth: 2nd 13 yrs/o “Vocal Composition”, 1st 15 yrs “Pop Ballad”, 3rd 15yrs “Pop Up-tempo”, HC 14-16yrs “Pop Championships” AND HERE’S WHAT’S COMING UP…….. LEGALLY BLONDE: Moonglow WEC- June 4th & 5th Our very own Laura Jackson will be strutting her stuff this coming weekend in the Australian Amateur Premiere of “Legally Blonde” as one of the Delta Nu’s. All the very best Laura! SUMMER RAIN: Roo Theatre – Harbour Theatre Shellharbour Chookas for your upcoming season of this Australian Musical! Looking forward to it! Emma Hatton as Joy Slocum and Leigh Scott as her dashing leading man, Clarrie Nugent. Sarah Thomason as Lorena Farrell and Victoria Verhelst as Cathy Doyle. Phantom of the Opera -15th-24th August Arcadians Theatre Group IPAC Chookas to Jack Dawson who will be reprising the role of Raoul, having played it last year in Miranda Musical Society’s “Phantom”! And also to Jay Gomez taking on all those crazy harmonies in your Ensemble role! High School Musical – 26th September-5th October : Rockdale Musical Society: Rockdale Town Hall Congratulations on your casting guys. Looking forward to getting all Disney!!! Tom Gustard : Zeke Baylor Talia Sigsworth: Kelsi Nielson Taylor Haynes: Cheerleader High School Musical – 30th September – 5th October Illawarra Youth Arts WHSPAC Congratulations on being cast in this upcoming production. Looks like it’s going to be HSM kind of year! Dylan Wright: Troy Bolton Byron Leitch : Zeke Baylor Calissa Smith & Helen Johnstone: Cheerleaders Taliah King: Ensemble 
The Magic Flute – 8th & 9th August – OZ OPERA IPAC Congratulations to Byron Leitch, Calissa Smith, Angus Tolland, Charlotte Turnbull, Wylie & Jasper Humphreys & Kiya Slockee for your selection into the Children’s Ensemble for Oz Opera’s “The Magic Flute”. Oz Opera is the touring company branch of Opera Australia. This is such an exciting time and we are so thrilled for you. CHARMAINEGIBBSSTUDIOS.COM.AU In the very near future, we will be launching the studio website. It is near the end of construction as I type! Our very own Jason Turnbull is responsible for making this all look fabulous, along with our photographer, Beck Saladino. Once the website is launched, all studio “traffic” will go through there. Emails, notices, Studio Info ie: Terms and Conditions and the like. We will have a period where we will check the emails on the addresses you have for us currently, however, there will be a time (and you will be notified of the date), that those email addresses will become irrelevant and all correspondence will go through the website. This is very exciting and we hope you like the look of it. Let us know what you think…once it’s up and running of course. We would love your feedback and suggestions. TERMS AND CONDITIONS UPDATE When you all commenced at the studio, you received a Terms and Conditions. This has just been updated (with no real change but dated June 2014 and will be found on the upcoming Website) MAKE-UP LESSON POLICY This too will be updated to be current. There will, as is the case with the Terms and Conditions, not be too much of a change here, but will be dated June 2014 and will be found on the new website once it’s up and running. 
CODE OF CONDUCT: We have decided that the time has come for us to implement a Code of Conduct within the studio. It is through this that the expectations will be made very clear and this way, we all are of the same understanding. These terms have been implemented and agreed upon by the 4 of us and we appreciate your understanding and respect for the studio and us as teachers. A separate document has been formulated and will be sent to you all at the commencement of term if not before. PRACTISE: How much should we be doing? This is the $64,000 question! How do we hit our targets?? To quote Dr Suzuki just “Don’t practise on the days you don’t eat!” Now of course, this is the ideal, but let’s be realistic and stick to this…Students need to be practising more days than they’re not. 4 days would be ideal. For those in senior years and University and those of you pursuing careers in the Performing Arts, 4-5+ days. Lesson time IS NOT practise time. And please ensure that your practise consists of scale and technical work. This is where the bulk of progress gets made with your vocal work. The ability and agility of the voice is dependent on scales work. You do’t have to love it but you do have to do it! Want more for yourselves. Challenge yourselves. Be the best you can be. We know you can do it. But YOU have to know you can do it. Is it hard work? Yes. But to quote Anne Hathaway when preparing for her role as Fantine for Les Miserables “It’s irrelevant if it’s hard work, it’s what’s necessary” Do what’s necessary. 
STUDIO HOUSEKEEPING: Please I would ask that you do be careful with drinks. There have been drinks spilt, carpet stained, lounges stained, and all found rather than being told about this. I understand accidents happen but please treat the studio as you would your own home. I have tried to make it a lovely place to come to and I would ask that this be respected. Empty yoghurt containers left on the table in the waiting room (coming up in the code of conduct is no dairy prior to a lesson!), lolly wrappers from the mentos that are left there for you as an added “something nice” is just not satisfactory. Also, please be careful with the chairs on the walls in the waiting room. There are already a few things that need repairing so please be mindful if you see this and pull the chair away so no marking or damage occurs. SAVE THE DATE! Senior Concert: Uni Students + Date TBA (SeptemberTerm 3) Junior Workshop & Concert: Yr 9 and Under Where: City Diggers When: 29/09/14 – 12.30pm-7.30pm, 30/09/14 – 1pm -8.30pm (Concert 7-8.30pm) That’s all……….. for now So, it’s only Goodbye to Term 2 but a big Hello to Term 3. We are looking forward to working with each and every one of you. We know it will be another busy Term with lots of theatre, more eisteddfods, Southern Stars, Schools Spec rehearsals, and in amongst all that….lots of practise! Thankyou for a wonderful Term 2 and for reminding us constantly of how much we love our work. Charmaine, Jen, Laura & Jason  Don’t forget to “like” the Charmaine Gibbs Studios page on Facebook